History of Temple City

The history starts with the purchase of land by Walter Pliny Temple in 1923. Mr. Temple purchased 400 acres in a very undeveloped area of the San Gabriel Valley. His predecessors are from England and the states of the New England area of the United States. He is the 10th child of Pliny Fisk Temple of Massachusetts, born in 1869.

Beginning in the 1800s, various members of the Pliny Fisk Temples (brothers or uncles) purchased other land in the greater Los Angeles area. These men were involved with the planting of grape vines, fruit trees, and gardens. Some were business men who opened DryGoods stores for selling supplies to other settlers.

In 1841, other settlers came and began their businesses. Some became partners with Pliny Fisk, and later befriended his son, Walter P. Temple, forming partnerships with him.

There were many business created in the mid-late 1800s; some were with "Lucky" Baldwin. Some additional parts of the soon-to-be-called Town of Temple were purchased from Lucky Baldwin by W.P. Temple.

There is a brochure available for all visitors of the Museum which gives more of the story, as well as trained Docents who can answer other questions. 

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