Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you open?

A: We are open on the first and third Sunday of each month, except August (we are closed unless a special request for us to open comes to us).

Q: What are the hours?

A: We are open from Noon until 3PM on the above Sundays.

Q: Are there special meetings?

A: We have General Meetings five times in the year: January, March, May, September, and October on the third Sunday of each month.

Q: What are the meetings about? And are they open to the public?

A: The meetings are open to the public, and feature persons who can present a program of something "historical" that will be of interest to all.

Q: What will I see in the Museum?

A: We have artifacts of what life in Temple City was like in its beginnings (1923 through the 1960s). We also have an entire collection of annuals from Temple City High School beginning 1957 to present time.

Q: Who visits the Museum?

A: All types of people come to our Museum; mostly new residents of Temple City, people who like history, students looking for information on how Temple City was started and when.

Q: Are groups allowed to visit?
A: By all means!

Q: Is there a fee for entrance?

A: No, but a donation is appreciated!

Q: How is my donation used?

A: Donations are used for maintaining the Museum and the property. Occasionally, there may be a purchase of something for the Museum.

Q: Do you have volunteers, and if so, how can I become one?

A: We have adult and high school students who learn to be a Docent. A Docent is someone who enjoys history and wants to share the history of the town and the people of it with others.

Q: Do you receive payment for your work?

A: No. As a volunteer, you become a Docent whereby you tell people about the history of Temple City.

Q: What is a "volunteer"?

A: A volunteer is someone who works for free and enjoys teaching someone about the history of the building or the life of the city you are in.

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